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Have you ever...

  • Wanted to know

    Why are there ambulances and police cars on your street? Join local conversations to find out, get alerts and assist.

  • Wanted to help

    Crime happens every day, everywhere. Be a good samaritan and post if you see something suspicious. Your posts will be seen by everyone nearby.

  • Wanted to explore

    New restaurants, local happenings and happy hours are awesome, if you know when and where to be. Now you will know.

Why we built Echo

We created Echo to help people. We’ve all been frustrated, had questions, wanted to give a helping hand. Until now we didn’t have a simple, quick way to do so privately within our community. Now we all can. Through Echo we want to connect people to the infinitely vast network of information on a local level.

Echo is a new way to privately interact with people around you and share experiences. With Echo you can quickly share images or text in a safe environment with people nearby. Get to know your neighborhood and interact in a new unique way. Enjoy, be kind and let's help each other.

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